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The viewing angle of the industrial display.

10 Jul 2017 - IPS LCD,TFT LCD

As we all know, industrial display because of its physical characteristics, the user from a different direction, the angle of the screen display screen content, the screen clarity and picture quality will be different. When compared with the front, when viewed oblique, when the screen quality has changed to an unacceptable critical angle, it is called the view of the display, and there are three definitions of the angle of view.


1. Contrast

If you look at the industrial display from the oblique direction, the white background will darken when compared to the front view, and the black will light up, so the contrast will drop. It is generally defined that when the contrast drops to 10, the angle is the angle of view of the industrial display. That is, when the definition is greater than this perspective when the black and white is not easy to distinguish, panel manufacturers and monitor manufacturers specifications for the definition of the most commonly used this one.

2. Gray scale reversal

Theoretically the industrial display from zero gray (black) to twenty-five gray (white) should be the higher the number of gray is the brighter, but the industrial display at a large angle when it is possible to see low gray But also higher than the high gray scale, that is, to see a similar phenomenon of black and white reversal, this phenomenon is called the gray-scale reversal, the definition does not produce gray-scale reversal phenomenon of the largest angle for the perspective, that is, more than this angle It is possible to see the gray scale reversal, while the gray scale reversal is unacceptable image quality.

3. Color difference

From different angles to see the industrial display, you will find the color will change with the angle, for example, the white screen has become relatively yellow or relatively blue, or the color becomes relatively light and so on. As the angle becomes larger, when the color change has been large to an unacceptable critical point, the angle is defined as the angle of view.

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