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How to eliminate the electrostatic interference above the LCD

14 Apr 2017 -


  With the rapid development of electronic products, more and more advanced intelligent devices, which LCD will almost always be equipped with these electronic products, smart phones, computers, flat panel, TV commonly used electrical equipment LCD, and now even watches, , Household appliances are configured LCD, so its application is very extensive. But in the production process will produce static electricity, especially in the film and components assembly process, static electricity will cause the accuracy of components decreased, uneven film placement, a serious electrostatic discharge may result in burned components, production Efficiency and product quality is difficult to achieve the standard, so remove the static LCD is particularly important.

  At present, the most effective addition to the LCD electrostatic method is to use efficient ion fan, the role of the principle is the use of high-voltage corona air to generate positive and negative ion charge, and then blown by the fan to the LCD surface, and its positive and negative static Charge, thus eliminating the static electricity carried by the surface. Compared to the traditional method is more efficient, the traditional way to use the grounding method to electrostatic discharge to the earth, there is to increase the humidity in the air, or the use of anti-static liquid, these methods will not be obvious, but also affect the product Its own production environment.
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