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How to choose good quality phone LCD?

16 Nov 2016 - LCD dispaly,LCD,SCREEN

AT present, we nearly can not leave the Smartphone. Which has become our necessity for life. We use it and see the LCD screen every day. However, few people will be careful to study the screen when the purchase of mobile phones, often the most valued or configuration and price. So how to analyze a good LCD is essential .


The most important piece of advice to remember when replacing a cracked or broken LCD screen on a mobile phone is that the best results will always be achieved by buying a combined LCD Screen and Digitizer unit. Though it may be possible to buy a glass screen separately, the manufacturers of most mobile models of smart phone have now stuck the screen on to the LCD equipment to ensure there is no risk of dust getting in between the two units. However, by doing this, it has meant that it is incredibly difficult to replace the glass panel alone within a DIY repair. Such screens are available for purchase considerably cheaper that the entire unit, however if it does not provide the necessary functionality within the phone, the expense laid out can be simply a waste of cash.

When you go shopping to buy phone , the assistant with the introduction of the screen are often limited to the screen size and resolution. Here have you need to pay attention to the point, with the resolution, the smaller screen size, display effect is more exquisite. This is the so-called screen pixel density is higher, the display effect is more exquisite.

At the same time we also need to be aware of is the difference between the LCD screen and OLED screen, the need to increase the LED backlight module, the former and the latter can be illuminated, without a backlight module and so on the thickness of OLED will be thinner than the LCD screen.


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