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What’s the concept of IPhone7 screen support DCI-P3?

04 Dec 2016 -

 ---------  Higher brightness ,wider color

  With the release of the official version of the iOS 10, as well as a variety of new machines to get the evaluation, new iPhone heat continues unabated. We should be able to say iPhone7/7Plus’s new design and new features with closed eyes: the new color, the sense of home keys, IP67 level waterproof, large aperture dual cameras, and the disappearance of the 3.5mm headset hole and so on. In fact, there is an important progress which is very representative but the conference did not focus on it:the progress of Plus iPhone7/7Plus screen.

  iPhone7/7Plus screen enhanced two aspects, one is a higher brightness (achive 625nit), the other one is a wider color gamut (reach to DCI-P3 wide color gamut standard). Apple these two screen technology upgrade just follow these years display technology development trend, and go in the forefront of this trend, the most representative of the consumer industry is the long history color TV industry. Next we will follow the two clues of iPhone7 / 7 Plus screen’s upgrade, together to explore the development of these years display technology in solving what problems.

What is the concept of 625nite and DCI-P3?

  When you watch the screen,certainly never encountered the dazzling feeling as the sun, which brightness can reach 10, the human eyes can recognize very great space of the brightness , of course, does not mean that the display device should dazzling like the sun . 625nit is probably like the brightness of the road under the dark clouds during the day , far less than the brightness of the object reflected in clear weather.

IP7 LCD Display (2)

  DCI-P3 is a new color standard for digital cinema, as far as possible to match all the color gamut in the movie,It is not the most widely standard (currently the latest standard is BT.2020), but with the Rec.709 standard, it have more red and green range.Such as the comparison in the following chart. For a display device, the more colors that can be displayed, the better the performance. As it shows the true or not,it has a lot of relationship with the shooting equipment and image processing technology . At least for the time being, within the human eye's ability to recognize the spectrum.

IP7 LCD Display

  From these two points, it can be seen that people are constantly doing research and breakthroughs in the display technology is around “let people see more close to the real world  effect on the display device". Even more close to the real sound like a very simple thing, and even feel that it can be more than real. However, more than the real feelings clearly have lost the practical significance, and the development process of more and more close to the real effect is very difficult.So people simulate the real world on the display device, what is the concept to quantify it? Can be divided into five basic elements: quantization resolution, frame rate, gray scale, color space, brightness dynamic range.

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