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Visual angle of industrial display

18 Dec 2018 -

  As we all know, we have a visual angle when we use liquid crystal displays. When we look at the screen from different angles and directions, the picture quality and clarity will vary with the angle. This is called the visual angle of the LCD, and VIEWE is a professional industrial display screen. Manufacturers, today we will talk about the visual angle of industrial displays.

1. contrast

  If we look at the industrial display from the oblique direction, the white background will darken and the black will brighten compared with the front view, so the contrast will decrease. A general definition is the angle of the industrial display when the contrast descends to 10. That is, the definition of black-and-white is not easily distinguishable when it is greater than this perspective, which is the most common use of the definition of the perspective on the panel vendor and monitor vendor's specification.


2. gray scale inversion

  In theory, the industrial display from zero gray scale (black) to 255 gray scale (white) should be the higher the number of gray scale, but the industrial display is likely to see a low gray scale rather brighter than the high gray scale at a large angle. That is, the phenomenon resembles a black and white reversal. This phenomenon is called the gray scale inversion, and the definition will not be produced. The maximum angle of the gray-scale reversal is that the gray scale inversion may be seen over this angle, while the gray scale inversion is an unacceptable image quality.

3. chromatic aberration

  From a different angle to the industrial display, the color will change with the angle, for example, the white picture is originally yellow or blue, or the color becomes lighter and so on. As the angle increases, when the color change is large enough to accept the critical point, the angle is defined as the angle of view.

  In order to provide better visual enjoyment to users, the VIEWE industrial display provides a wide angle of view for the user to improve the visual angle of the industrial display and broaden its perspective. The angle of view can reach 180 degrees, and shows excellent performance. As a benchmarking enterprise, VIEWE has been able to provide a series of display screens, touch screens and supporting solutions for the users, helping enterprises to complete display touch integration solutions in many fields, such as handheld terminal, smart home, medical terminal, and Internet of things terminal.

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