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VIEWE Industrial display of handheld terminal applications

20 Mar 2018 -

  Handheld terminal industry because of its strong, durable, can promote the enterprise information and digital is widely used, industrial screen as the core part of the handheld terminal, and the requirement of general consumer products not the same, for the product reliability, weatherability, matching of extreme use environment has more stringent requirements, what the use the handset screen? VIEWE below for you to parse in detail:

1. Strong and durable, against bad environment

  Handheld terminals are mainly applied in industrial complex harsh operating environments, for its industrial display good anti-corrosion function, can waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and can withstand the test of resistance to fall high reliability requirements.

  VIEWE for handheld terminals ,with advanced design, to provide users with IP67 sealed standard, every piece is produced yi horizon industrial screen, touch screen all through the strict inspection, 100% after high temperature, low temperature, the performance test, simulation of transport, ESD, surge test, etc., through many times fell from 2.2 meters to the cement ground. To meet the requirements of various special demanding industrial environments.


2. Excellent display, still visible in the sunlight

  In the industrial field, many are used in the outdoor or bright light scene, so it is very important to have a good visual effect in the stronger light.

  VIEWE in order to increase the readability of the LCD screen under strong light, made improvement in technology, greatly increases the screen display optical effect, realized LCD screen clearly visible in the sunshine, enhances the demand at the high end and continuous use, outdoor areas such as the competitiveness of the LCD screen.

3. The integrated solution of the touch

  At present, the handheld terminal is generally controlled, with the display and touch screen, which have distinct and distinct industrial chains. Typically display manufacturers must first bought from touch screen manufacturers TP do laminating, likewise, touch screen manufacturers also need to buy LCD screen do integration, thus process is complex, not only delay the time to market, product in the product thin and lightweight also could not reach the requirements of customers.

  VIEWE is born to solve the pain point of the customer, focus on industrial screen, industrial touch screen and optical joint product research and development manufacturing, touch solution to provide integrated display, is the "integration of industrial touch show" on the road a pioneer of the enterprise.

  VIEWE with professional, dedicated, innovative, intelligent values, it has accumulated a large number of well-known customers in the handheld terminal industry, such as the new world, honeywell, the round, and the rich leaf. It is because that is a professional to make optimal position in the industry constantly improve yi horizon, the future will continue to play with the optimal upper horizon excellent customer experience of successful cooperation, explore more high quality solution for handset industry.

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