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[VIEWE] 2017 (9th) shenzhen international Internet of things expo perfect collection officer

31 Aug 2017 -

August 16-18, 2017 China (shenzhen) International Internet of things technology and application Exhibition Invition was held in Shenzhen Exhibition center. As the industry leading brand of industrial display ,VIEWE with many main models debut the exhibition. In the exhibition site, VIEWE of senior business team talked with audience about hotspot industry and future development trend of interaction.Reveals the VIEWE display market leading position in the industry.

VIEWE impress wonderful presents for audience. Under the sophisticated production technology of high reliability industrial display screen, touch screen and optical joint series products, recognised by the height of the present professional customers.

As the show, the audience is interested in the LCD display module of VIEWE. Especially under the sunshine visual and wide viewing angle display, which conforms to the needs of the industry and provides customers with new solutions.It is the focus of the audience inquiries.


After years  in the industrial display area of deep plowing, the optimal upper horizon industrial-grade display product line has covered the handheld terminals, Internet of Things(ioT), medical equipment, intelligent household and other fields, product size from 1.54 inches - 13 inches  Formed a complete layout. Although the exhibition has already ended, the pace of the future will never stop, and we look forward  to our next meeting!

Mr. Tang shouzhi, general manager of Viewe, answered the reporter's questions in person

(Member of the elite team of the team)

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