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2017 Global Touch Screen Industry Trends

13 Jul 2017 - Touch Screen,TFT LCD
  The touch screen is an inductive liquid crystal display device capable of receiving input signals such as contacts. When touching the graphic buttons on the screen, the tactile feedback system on the screen can drive various connection devices according to a pre-programmed program, Mechanical button panel, and by the LCD screen to create a vivid sound effects. Touch screen as a new device input hardware, it is the most simple, convenient, natural way of a human-computer interaction. It gives the multimedia to a new look, is a very attractive new multimedia interactive device.
  At present, the industrial touch screen with its excellent performance and quality. Is widely used in industrial, medical, education, terminal and other industries, industrial touch screen future demand will be greatly increased, the development of industrial touch screen ideas will be more clear, in the end the future of the industrial display will be what?


  Industrial LCD display has many advantages such as ruggedness, fast response, space saving, easy exchange. With this technology, users simply touch the icon or text on the computer screen with the fingers to achieve the host operation, so that human-computer interaction more straightforward, this technology greatly facilitates those who do not understand the computer operation user. Its development trend will be mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First, the industrial touch screen industry, alternative materials will continue to emerge
  From the industrial touch screen industry chain, the glass substrate, Petfilm, rubber material is the main material upstream of the industry, while the glass substrate, Petfilm supply by the US-Japanese companies monopoly. ITO glass, ITOfilm, sensor (including touch IC), coverlens is the middle part of the downstream is the touch module glass piece. From the past few years of touch material research and development point of view, the development of alternative materials mainly in the upper part of the middle. At present, the touch sensor is experiencing a thin film instead of a glass process. G / G touch technology brought about by the thickness and weight, for the end market and consumers, there is still much room for improvement, thin-film touch sensor to replace the glass touch sensor, with a view to simultaneously improve the thickness and weight The
CoverLens is also accelerating the process of replacing the glass with plastic. At present, some manufacturers began to evaluate the plastic instead of glass, period to overcome the high weight and lack of impact resistance problems. In general, the hardness of glass materials, rigidity than plastic materials, resistance to extrusion caused by deformation, rupture and other problems are poor. In contrast, plastic materials are more resistant to impact than glass, resistant to drop.
At present, nano-silver film transparent material mainly in the Japanese business UbeIndustries, ITRI Institute of Materials, Changxing Chemical and other materials business hands; and PI's main suppliers for Panasonic, Mitsubishi, etc., the nano-silver wire and high temperature ITO film Material yield and progress, much attention to the touch panel industry. Overall, the future with the global touch screen industry continues to develop, touch screen industry, alternative materials will continue to emerge.

Second, the large size touch screen market force
  With the penetration of the touch screen to improve, LCD manufacturers will become increasingly high degree of participation. Such as VIEWE, because of its LCD business basis is better, fully adapted to the needs of the market, quickly in the field to become the industry leader.
Due to the small size of the touch panel and LCD panel shipments huge, panel manufacturers involved in the need for a lot of manpower and material costs, so only a large number of touch modules and touch panel manufacturers in the field.
Among them, large-scale industrial touch screen market is more mature, especially embedded touch screen technology OGS, In / On-cell continue to develop, panel manufacturers more and more participation. The main reason is that the latter part of the industrial touch screen processing is more complex, and the latter part of the processing is in line with the needs of end customers, such as shape, color, structure and so on.

Third, the touch screen and LCD screen two major industry eventually "confluence"
  Industrial touch-screen industry and TFT industry is very similar to the two raw materials in the value chain accounted for a large proportion of about 60%; two industries have been in parallel development. Industrial touch-screen industry to the final development, and LCD manufacturers will form a matching line, and LCD manufacturers and industrial touch screen manufacturers have significant production collaboration. Therefore, in the long run, the future of the two major global industry will eventually "confluence", perhaps the touch screen will return to the LCD industry, LCD manufacturers to become a sector. Integration will be one of the trends in the future touch industry, the current touch overcapacity point of view, virtual integration is not only a trend, it will be an important means of industrial touch screen manufacturers survive.

Industrial touch screen technology to make the device interface more friendly, more interactive human-computer interaction is simple, fast and fun, just a little light, you can achieve a variety of operations. Touch screen applications will become increasingly broad, the future will be a variety of forms of common development, the future of the world will also be a touch of the world.


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