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The skills to choose touch screen

22 Nov 2016 -

We've entered the age of touch, and it looks like it will be more than just a fad. With the proliferation of smart phones and tablets pushing touch screens to the fore, the hands-on interface has gained even more prominence in the world of PCs thanks to Windows 8, Microsoft's current operating system, which relies heavily upon touch for an intuitive user experience.


so it is important for you to know which is which, to make sure your LCD touch screen works smoothly and lasts in your application.

You'll also need to be able to adjust the angle. For brief uses of touch, the standard vertical orientation used on regular monitors will be fine for PC users, but for anyone who wants to really maximize their touch experience, you'll want to adjust the angle and height of your monitor to avoid the dreaded "gorilla arm"—the effects of using a touch monitor with poorly thought out ergonomics.

To choose the best touch technology you need to consider the following characteristics:

Resistive Touch

Capacitive Touch, with either 3mm thick glass or 6mm anti-vandal glass

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Touch, with either 3mm thick glass or 6mm anti-vandal glass

Projected Capacitive Touch, with multiple points and optional anti-vandal glass

Infra-Red Touch, with single or multi-point

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