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The Internet is about to disappear, and the Internet of Things is replaced

18 Dec 2018 - Internet of Things

Wi-Fi is going to be popular for ten years, and one day things like Wi-Fi can be seen everywhere.

Internet of things is an important part of the new generation of information technology. Internet of Things is an important part of the new generation of information technology. The key technology of Internet of Things is the core technology of Internet of Things.

Internet of things

As an extension of the Internet, the Internet of Things is an important part of the new generation of information technology, but also an important stage of development of the "informationization" era.
Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of the Internet giant, predicted that the Internet is about to disappear, and that the era of personal, interactive and interesting Internet of Things is coming soon.

The top of the wave, are you in it?

The Internet is about to disappear, things are omnipotent

Schmidt said that the future will have a number of majestic IP address, sensors, wearable equipment, and other can not touch but follow the shape, the moment of interaction of intelligent devices. "When you walk into the room, the room will change ... you will interact with everything in the room."

"All the opportunities are related to the smartphone application infrastructure ... the smartphone will be a supercomputer, which is a completely open market," said the head of Google, who said the change was an unprecedented opportunity for technology companies.

US market research firm Gartner predicts that by 2020, the Internet of Things will bring $ 30 billion in annual market profits, when 2.5 billion devices will be connected to the Internet of Things and will continue to grow rapidly. The huge market potential has become a new growth engine for US technology companies, including Cisco, AT & T, Axeda, Amazon, Apple, General Electric, Google and IBM, to seize the dominance of the Internet of Things industry status.


A glimpse of the key technology of Internet of Things

Sensor Technology, RFID Tags and Embedded Systems are the three core technologies in the field of things. There is a metaphor for the role of technology in the Internet of things. In the Internet of things, the sensor is equivalent to the human eye, nose, skin and other senses; the network is used to convey the information of the nervous system; embedded system is human The brain, after receiving the information to be classified.

Sensor Technology
Sensor technology is the key technology in computer applications, so far, most of the computer processing are digital signals. Internet of things need to rely on sensor technology to collect and collect the information into digital signals for transmission. Sensing technology is the forefront of the Internet of sensory cells, the information will be collected to the brain for analysis, and then deal with brain feedback information.

RFID technology is a combination of radio frequency technology and embedded technology integrated technology. As a wireless communication technology, RFID can identify specific targets by radio signals and read and write relevant data without having to identify mechanical or optical contact between the system and a specific target. In other words, the Internet of Things as a sensor device, the RFID tag as a recognized electronic identity, so that you can form a complete set of perception and recognition system.

Embedded System Technology
Embedded system technology combines the computer hardware and software, sensor technology, integrated circuit technology, electronic application technology as one of the complex technology. Intelligent terminal products characterized by embedded systems can be seen everywhere: small to people around the MP3, large aerospace satellite system. Embedded systems are changing people's lives, promoting industrial production and the development of the defense industry.
The core and foundation of the Internet of Things is the Internet, which is an extension and extension of the network on the basis of the Internet; its clients extend and extend to any items and items, exchange information and communicate, that is, things. Internet of things through the intelligent perception, recognition technology and pervasive computing and other communication awareness technology, widely used in the integration of the network, is the computer, the Internet after the world's third wave of information industry development. Application innovation is the core of the development of things, to the user experience as the core is the soul of the development of things.

      Intelligent home, digital medical, car networking and other products introduced, making things really serve the intelligent life. Samsung Electronics as the focus of Samsung's business direction, claiming that all three years of Samsung hardware devices will support the Internet of things; chip giant high to more than 30 countries around the world launched 15 Internet of things equipment, but also to smart phones as the fulcrum to expand the car Networking, medical, wearable equipment and other fields; manufacturing giant General Electric announced with a giants alliance, the establishment of Internet of things Union; Intel and the United States San Jose City, the use of Intel's Internet of things technology in the construction of intelligent city of San Jose ... Main ups and downs We will wait and see.

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