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Global Sources Mobile Electronics,VIEWE Appeared on the Scene Again!

18 Oct 2016 -

On October 18, "global sources mobile electronics show" in Hong Kong asiaworld-expo officially opened, the exhibition will be shown through 2600 booths smartphone, tablet, wearable products, mobile electronic accessories and other products.This exhibition is different from the past, add a new galleries - intelligent life exhibition, the exhibition will focus on intelligent home security, lighting and energy management, entertainment products, household appliances and accessories, etc.


For the exhibition, the whole company spent more than a month to prepare, in order to do this show the best, to provide the best customer service.We exhibited a wide range of exhibits, from 1 inch to 10 inch LCD screen, from 3 inch to 14 inch touch screen, everything.The exhibition we deliberately display the latest models of the iPhone, iPhone 7 LCD screen, attracted the eyes of many customers. Of course, the other iPhone models, from 4 to 6S are our main products, this exhibition also received a lot of customers during the iPhone series LCD screen consultation.




During the four days of the exhibition, many customers had a great interest in the LCD products of our company. Large-size touch screen, iPhone6 LCD module and 1.54 small size LCD screen, are subject to a high degree of attention. VR equipment in the exhibition attracted much attention, as the star of the electronic consumer show, VIEWE also recommended for VR equipment, of course, 5,5.2 and 5.5-inch high-resolution LCD screen, greatly welcomed by customers, attracted a large number of people Onlookers, the order data on the spot is also quite optimistic, small partners are too busy.




In today's LCD screen wars in succession in the international market, how to set up the LCD market norms and promote the healthy development of industry is a proposition that is difficult to overcome.But a growing number of media industry, in the process of growth, hand in hand to the LCD panel industry gradually aware of media's responsibilities and obligations, willing to work with many domestic real brand awareness of good LCD manufacturers jointly promote the healthy development of China's LCD market.As the main force of the LCD panel industry, VIEWE said also will meet with the aid of brand operation, become good LCD manufacturers in China.


We have our own production plant, with the latest fully automated production equipment, the absolute price advantage and quality assurance.


Looking forward to the coming year, once again a bumper harvest!

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