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What is Micro-LED in the end?

20 May 2017 - Micro-LED,OLED
What is Micro-LED?

  Micro LED technology, that is, LED miniaturization and matrix technology. Refers to a chip in the integration of high-density small size LED array, such as LED display every pixel can be addressed, a separate drive light, can be seen as a miniature version of the outdoor LED display, the pixel distance from the millimeter Level down to micron level.

  And Micro LED display, it is the underlying CMOS integrated circuit manufacturing process with LED display driver circuit, and then use the MOCVD machine in the integrated circuit on the production of LED array, in order to achieve a micro-display, that is, said LED display Screen down version.


Highlight the advantages:

  Micro LED advantages of the performance is obvious, it inherited the inorganic LED high efficiency, high brightness, high reliability and fast response time and other characteristics, and since the light without the characteristics of the backlight, more energy efficient, simple structure, small size, Thin and other advantages.

  In addition, Micro LED there is a big feature is the high resolution. Because the ultra-small, the performance of the resolution is particularly high; it is said that if the Apple iPhone6S using micro LED, the resolution can easily reach more than 1500ppi, than the original Retina show 400PPi higher than 3.75 times

  Compared to OLED, its color is easier to accurately debug, have a longer luminous life and higher brightness and has better material stability, long life, no image imprinting and so on. So OLED after another light and energy-saving display technology, and OLED commonality is also required to TFT backplane drive, so the TFT technology level IGZO, LTPS, Oxide.


The inferiority of existence

  1, the cost and large-scale application of the disadvantages. Depending on the monocrystalline silicon substrate to do the drive circuit, and from the previous Apple announced the patent point of view, from the sapphire substrate transfer LED to the silicon substrate on the steps, which means that the production of a screen at least two sets of substrates and Independent of each other. This will lead to increased costs, especially when larger areas of application, will face the yield and cost will be a huge challenge. (For monocrystalline silicon substrates, one or two inches is already a large area, with reference to the full size and larger price of the mid-range CMOS sensor products) Of course, from a technical point of view LuxVue will drive the circuit substrate into quartz Or glass to reduce the large area of application costs is feasible, but it also takes time. Compared to AMOLED mature LTPS + OLED program, the cost is no advantage.

  2, luminous efficiency advantage is PHOLED threat or even overtake. Phosphorescent OLED (PHOLED) efficiency improvement for all to see, UDC's red and green PHOLED materials have also been in the Samsung GalaxyS4 and successor models of the panel began to commercial, panel power and high PPI TFT-LCD level or Have a slight advantage. Once the blue light PHOLED material life problems to solve and commercial, inorganic LED efficiency will also account for less than cheap.

  3, brightness and life are threatened by QLED. QLED research is very hot, from the data provided by QD Vision, regardless of efficiency and life are very promising, and engaged in this study is also a lot of large companies. Of course, QLED OLED is also a strong competitor.

  4, it is difficult to make curly and flexible display. OLED and QLED flexible display prospects are good, there have been a lot of Prototype display, but for LuxVue made curl and flexibility are more difficult. If you want to manufacture iWatch like the product, the screen does not have a certain curvature is more inconsistent with the aesthetic.


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