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LG released a new mobile phone LCD panel, 18: 9 aspect ratio

10 Jan 2017 -

  LG Display today released a 5.7-inch LCD display panel, as a smart phone and other equipment for small size high score screen, which has 2880 * 1440 resolution (2.5K level), pixel density of 564ppi.


  This display panel aspect ratio of 18: 9, with the traditional 16: 9, the screen has been extended in length. This panel thickness of 1mm or less; and compared to the previous 2K resolution LCD display panel, LG's screen to do a 20% of the top border contraction and 10% of the side frame contraction. The new LCD panel also supports display enhancement (bright screen) technology under strong light conditions, with a 30 percent reduction in power consumption.

  In the various mobile phone manufacturers are trying to phone the "forehead" and "chin" to do the short case, 18: 9 screen appears by no means accidental. Formerly only 16: 9 screen fuselage, now able to shrink through the frame to 18: 9, closer to the "full screen" concept, while allowing users to browse within a screen to more content. After all, this screen from the LG's hand, we also hope that in March's MWC Exhibition to see the new LG flagship G6 equipped with this screen.

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