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LCD screen maintenance

22 Nov 2016 -

The LCD screen surface is specially treated to reduce the reflection of light.

Incorrect maintenance may impair the performance of the LCD screen, so take care with respect to the following:

Wipe the LCD screen gently with a soft cloth such as a cleaning cloth or glasses cloth.

Stubborn stains may be removed with a soft cloth such as a cleaning cloth or glasses cloth slightly dampened with water.


Never use a solvent such as alcohol, benzene or thinner, or acid, alkaline or abrasive detergent, or chemical cleaning cloth, as they will damage the LCD screen surface.

When you are cleaning LCD monitor displays sure they are turned off. This actually allows you to see the dirty spots as well as smudges clearly. Wipe the screen gently with the help of a clean and microfiber cloth. The screen might get scratches on the LCD screen if paper towels are used. It should be done gently without applying any pressure. However do not use liquid cleaner. However if you want to use one then use a product specifically made for LCD cleaning. The monitors have an anti-reflective coating thus using any solution might cause the coating to turn hazy. You can use distilled water or mix a small amount of vinegar to clean the screen.

Do not touch the LCD screen as touching with bare hands cause pressure on the screen. This can also damage monitor pixels thereby turning them black. Too much pressure can cause the screen’s liquid to break thereby affecting the monitor resolution. Extreme pressure may also cause the liquid in the screen to break and affect the monitor resolution.


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