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What is the relationship between industrial data and things in the end?

13 Jun 2017 - Industrial data,Internet of Things

From the technical point of view, things can be divided into three layers:

perception layer / network layer / application layer.

The main contribution of the Internet of Things to industrial data is the realization of the data collection, and its greatest contribution is to IT field data collection from the traditional collection of computer-related data extended to the physical field, through a variety of the latest sensors and other technologies, Collect all kinds of equipment data, and through the Internet for data transmission.

It can be said that there is no broad promotion of the Internet of Things, there is no late industrial large data concept, no Internet of things, industrial data is a passive water, no wood. Industrial large data on the one hand through the Internet of things for industrial data collection, on the other hand, but also through the Internet of things for data and the implementation of instructions issued. It can be said that the Internet of Things is the material and technical basis for industrial data.

In turn, it can be said that industrial data is an application of the Internet of Things. It is in the application layer of the physical network. It is the most advanced application in the Internet of Things. It realizes the data aggregation and processing of the Internet of Things, and obtains the traditional technology Unsupported supportive decision support. The future, combined with artificial intelligence technology, large data technology, Internet of things technology, the whole human life will be earth-shaking changes.
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