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Fully interpret Lcd Lcd screen

12 Mar 2018 -

  With the rapid development of technology, LCD technology is progressing.Today, LCD displays are almost universal and affordable for the average consumer. With the rapid development of LCD technology, many malpractices have made great progress, and LCD LCD has been widely used in all walks of life, becoming the main display equipment in People's Daily life. Today, xiaoyou will join us in the comprehensive interpretation of LCD LCD screens:


  The LCD is called Liquid Crystal Display (Liquid Crystal Display), which creates a variety of colors based on white light through a color filter. The white light, after passing, forms the basic colors of red, green and blue, and controls the color of the pixel by controlling the overlight rate of each pixel by current.

  In LCD display, want to completely cover the white light show black, is a very difficult thing, some light-leaking phenomena come or how much more, and that is why in most of the night screen could not be present real black.

LCD screen backlight

  All LCD screens need some form of white backlight, and backlighting is improving over time. The purpose of backlighting is to have higher brightness, more uniformity, and to make the display smaller, thinner and lighter.

  The LCD screen was originally used for CCFL backlight, and now it has been converted to LED backlight. In addition, some LCD screens have not only used white backlight, but also have some more difficult goals through the combination of LED backlight and white light in specific colors.

  Although backlight are from the liquid crystal layer, but most of the LED backlight source comes from the edge of the screen, usually in the border, and such a design can make screen thinner and more flat.

  And TV class products are usually not so high to the requirement of the thickness, so also use whole homogeneous backlighting, and this kind of light can be more even, and you can also make backlight adjustment for local.



  The full name of IPS is in-plane (also called Super TFT), which is a variant of the LCD display. IPS can provide better color accuracy and a broader perspective.The average LCD screen usually displays the best fresh fruit only in front of the screen.

The IPS can reproduce the color effect completely within 178 degrees and will not be affected. That's why most touch devices now use IPS screens. It's true that traditional LCD displays have a strange effect when pressed with their fingers, and I'm sure everyone has had a similar experience.

  At the same time, the IPS technology itself has more improved versions, including Super - IPS (S - IPS), the Advanced Super IPS (AS - IPS) and IPS - Pro, though not all of the IPS panel has the best effect, but overall IPS is more excellent than conventional LCD panels.

  Plane Line, a technology similar to IPS, is a samsung patent. Samsung says the screen has better brightness and more efficient production costs, but it's not yet clear because the absolute leader on the current IPS screen is LG.

LCD + quantum dots

  A quantum dot is a technique that increases the color and hue of an LCD display, which can absorb a specific spectrum, often depending on their size.This property can be used/created for better colors, such as red, green, and blue, which will give users more saturated colors.

  Quantum dot technology has recently been hotly sought after by the market and even has the latest technology, such as OLED. However, quantum dot technology exists only in high-end LCD TV, but it is believed that over time it will become more and more popular.

  As everyone is to small for clean about LCD LCD related knowledge, I believe you have deep understanding, on the optimal upper horizon is a collection of r &d, design, production, sales and service as one of the high-tech enterprises, mainly for industrial handheld terminals, intelligent household, medical display screen, Internet of things terminal and other major areas to provide industrial screen, touch screen and touch the explicit integration solutions. Professional product testing equipment, industrial-grade reliability standard, to guarantee the quality of customer products.

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