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Five key points for selecting a bright display

18 Dec 2018 -

The demand for the bright display is becoming more and more vigorous. More and more terminal products are used in the bright display screen. Today, we will introduce the five elements of the bright display screen. I believe that it will be good for you to know or choose a bright display screen.

1, brightness, the general good bright screen brightness is high, but will be softer than the eye, it is not the same as the illuminance of the backlight, the brightness value is a color circumference value, related to the color full degree of the screen made, contrast, and the illumination of the backlight. So looking at a very bright screen does not necessarily reach the value we require, because the eye sees the illumination, the illuminance is influenced by the environment, the size of the space, and the other aspects, which is measured by the instrument is the brightness.

2, professional degree, high quality bright display is not only good light source, light selection lamp is good, packaging process is not good, light source is good, LED heat dissipation process is not good, light process is not good, light process is not good use of light efficiency is not good, so when choosing a good bright LCD manufacturer, it must be selected. Pay attention to whether the manufacturer is professional.


3, temperature, it should be noted that it is to pay attention to the temperature, a good bright display manufacturer produced products low power, the heat is low, the main is the core is in the LED backlight packaging technology, and the application of light efficiency, the process is not standard, light efficiency is not up, do high The brighter screen may send out the greater heat, and also need cooling technology to reduce the temperature of the backlight to ensure the normal use of the LED backlight, but this is only a solution to the backlight, but the liquid crystal glass has not yet solved the problem of high temperature, it should be thought that the bright screen is only semi finished, it is used outdoors itself. It is a source of heat making, so at present, there will be a company in the market with aluminum profiles on the rear cover, (changing to heat through heat conduction), and the standard is not made. The most important thing to say is that the good bright screen is the most important part of the backlight technology, not the external structure. The good backlighting technology can reach the required color temperature, high color saturation, high contrast, high uniformity, high brightness and no glare, and the control of the heat emitted by the LED backlight to the liquid crystal glass. Ringing. Most importantly, the higher the temperature, the lighter the LED backlight will be, the shorter the service life.

4, the uniformity of the backlight, the general brightness display manufacturer Gao Liangping's uniformity may only reach 65%-75%, a good point of uniformity can reach 75%-85%, the point type up to more than 90%-95%. Of course, the price of a good bright screen is not the same.

5, brand, commercial main brands (LG, AUO) generally highlight LCD screen manufacturers will mainly choose to use these big brands of liquid crystal glass. Of course, other can also be, mainly for each brand large size liquid crystal glass high temperature resistance, there are some differences in price.

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