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Baidu have become AI company, smart home agent to become a popular industry?

02 Jun 2017 -

  If the smart home is also a long road, then now whether Google, Apple, Amazon, or China's Haier, the United States, millet, we are still in the initial stage of development, each ambition of the business are "smart home" This piece has not been giants to eat the fat and fresh meat coveted. In this case, the smart home agent is not another fire, smart home agents and how to do?


  Use smart home, this is the last word:
  First, find the most appropriate agent products, to the home users an unexpected, eye-opener, cool to burst product experience. Product war, the first word of mouth warfare, experience is king, have the next possible. Smart home development more embarrassing situation is that it seems to be a subsidiary of the phone accessories, all kinds of features a lot, but a lot of features to achieve, one must have the Internet, but must be equipped with all kinds of mobile phone APP.
Smart home, first of all to meet the user's practicality, the future will not just stay in the fancy mobile phone APP control stage. Smart home control terminal in fact there are many entries, such as foreign Amazon Echo, Google home like smart speakers for voice voice, mobile APP is one of the means. According to Aite smart home official said, in addition to the use of the current voice voice voice technology, in fact, the real smart home system products have been able to do according to the user's habits and environmental changes in self-learning, coupled with artificial intelligence and machine learning, Can automatically trigger the appropriate master of the relevant habits of the operation. So, the future of intelligent home in all things interconnected state, may not only to mobile, more likely to go to the center control.
  After Baidu head Li Yanhong has made it clear that Baidu is not an Internet company, but an artificial intelligence company. So already began to practice "smart home artificial intelligence" smart home industry, give users a value experience?
"For example, Aite intelligent indoor intelligent terminal, is the entire intelligent family control center brain, connecting all the intelligent home equipment, also has the field of artificial intelligence related functions, such as autonomous learning, data analysis, unified coordination, according to user operation Habits, as well as sensors to obtain the temperature, humidity, air quality, light and other external environmental data, after analysis and processing, automatically trigger air conditioning, fresh air, curtains, lighting and other household appliances equipment for more appropriate operation. "Aite intelligent product official said.
It is worth mentioning that, compared to ordinary smart home, Aite smart home system products, not only in the network can be used in the state, in the absence of access to the Internet can still achieve the "Internet of Things", automatically build a home LAN normal work ; Not only can manual touch, remote control, you can also access the Apple HomeKit use Siri voice control. Products for the king of the moment, want users to use cool, smart home agents first find a suitable agent products This is the last word.
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