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VIEWE launched a 2.0-inch display to help police law enforcement instruments

05 Jul 2021 - 2.0-inch,Police Law Enforcement Instrument
In recent years, with China's overall requirements for building a legal society and governing the country by law, police law enforcement instrument has played a decisive role. With the birth of police law enforcement recorder, it has played a positive role in law enforcement, investigation and case solving, letters and visits reception, rights and interests protection, and achieved good results. VIEWE launched a 2.0-inch high-brightness wide-temperature display which is also tailored for police terminals. Next, let's get to know it with the editor.
The Stories of VIEWE and Police Enforcement Instruments

VIEWE has been deeply cultivated in the industrial display market for many years and is well recognized by the industry. Because of the particularity of using environment, the police law enforcement instrument also has a very high requirement for all parts, which is highly in line with the industrial display screen of VIEWE. Through early design, development, verification and trial production, the police law enforcement instrument has entered the normal stage of mass production, providing a high stability for tens of thousands of police law enforcement instruments. Display screen.


VIEWE launched a 2.0-inch display
In the early stage of design, VIEWE also encountered some difficulties, because the police law enforcement display screen in the industry has been a lot of pain points, such as: Flicker, residual shadow, pressing water lines, high and low temperature, high and low power consumption, etc., VIEWE's spirit of enterprise is to do the best, since there are problems, we must do our best in technology. Everything is possible to solve these problems to the greatest extent. With the efforts of many engineers day and night, we have overcome all the problems and provided corresponding solutions.
Ultra Wide Temperature
The storage temperature of high and low temperature can be as follows: - 40 C - 80 C, and the working temperature of high and low temperature can also be as follows: - 30 C - 70 C, which is much higher than that of similar products in the industry.
High brightness
In order to be highly applicable to the particularity of the police industry, the traditional brightness of 300 cd/can not be satisfied. The brightness of the 2.0 inch product in this design reaches 600 cd/ (up to 1000 cd/), and the power consumption is low.


No shadow, no water ripple
Residual shadow and water ripple have always been a difficult problem in the whole industry. Through the technical improvement of VIEWE, the breakthrough of no residual shadow and no water ripple under the press of the whole machine has been realized, which has also made outstanding contributions to the whole industry.
long life
Police products have higher requirements for reliability. VIEWE products can reach 10 years of service life, and have three-proof performance, which can deeply meet customer requirements.

Good EMC performance
After many tests, the EMC performance of 2.0 inch display screen is far superior to that of the same industry, and it effectively improves the whole GPS signal.
The 2.0-inch display is the 1.0 product of VIEWE for police law enforcement instrument, which focuses on solving the industry pain point and has been well received by many customers. Of course, VIEWE's footsteps go beyond that. Friends who know about VIEWE know that we are a national high-tech enterprise integrating research, design, production, sales and service of industrial display screen and touch screen. 4G real-time video transmission is also the development trend of police law enforcement instrument, and display + touch integrated display screen is the best carrier of 4G police law enforcement instrument. In the near future, we will also launch a series of fully integrated products to pay our own strength for the country's legal society.

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