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Learn More About The TFT LCD Module

28 Apr 2017 -

  Liquid crystal display (LCD), which is a liquid crystal control of light transmission technology to achieve the color of the display. 

Classification of liquid crystal:
According to the display type points: TN type liquid crystal, STN liquid crystal, HTN type liquid crystal;
According to the bright points: ordinary type LCD, wide temperature type LCD;
According to the threshold voltage points: low threshold voltage LCD, ordinary LCD, high threshold voltage LCD.

LCD Module Process flow

LCD Module Process flow

lcd screen for Industrial Palm Terminals-1

LCD Module Structure

How LCD monitors work:
From the LCD monitor structure, whether it is a laptop or desktop system, the use of the LCD display is composed of different parts of the layered structure. The LCD is made of two glass plates, about 1 mm thick, separated by a uniform interval of 5 μm containing a liquid crystal material. Since the liquid crystal material itself does not emit light, so on both sides of the display are provided as a light source of the lamp, and in the back of the LCD screen has a backlight (or light plate) and reflective film, the backlight is composed of fluorescent substances Can emit light, its role is to provide a uniform background light source.

lcd screen for Industrial Palm Terminals-2

VIEWE`s LCD products are very accordance with market demands, widely used in industrial handheld terminals, desktop financial terminals, smart home, etc.  Industrial palm terminal is usually used by enterprise. Supports data acquisition, data transmission and communication. Widely used in management of express delivery, logistics shipment tracking, warehouses, chain stores, commodities, shop on wheels, mobile truck business, supplying chain, material tracking, etc.

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