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Industrial Liquid Crystal Display - High Reliability Solution

28 Dec 2018 -

Industrial handheld terminal on the product reliability and weather resistance of the extremely high requirements, and as a key component of the display, touch screen need to meet the high terminal specifications. VIEWE summarizes years of product design, manufacturing, quality control experience, put forward a high reliability solution.


In product design, development and production process, in order to improve the reliability of our products to meet industrial standards,

R & D and production team to improve the production process and improve the core technology:

Material selection: Wide temperature control TFT LCD, using new materials and IC drive mode, to improve the high and low temperature characteristics of TFT-LCD;
Cooling Technology: Thermal design of the device layout, and use a large area of good thermal conductivity of the material, to achieve natural cooling.
Seismic technology: rugged structure layout, select the higher strength of lightweight materials.
LED backlight technology: low working voltage, impact resistance, stable performance.
Impact: Corning Gorilla and other super impact resistance of the glass, to the industry's highest impact level
Anti-corrosion process: by taking the lead outside the LCD printed protective coating, and strengthen the production purification management.
Drop-proof technology: integrated design and high-reliability design of the back frame

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