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3.5 inch LCD modules Used for Smart Home-Smart door lock

16 Mar 2017 -

Different to normal house and home, smart home not only has basic living function, but also includes building, network communicating,  information appliances and automation equipment. Supports all-round information interacting, even help to save energy and cost. Haier is the top brand in big smart home business in the world.

As a strategic partner of Haier, VIEWE develops dozens of LCD & touch integrated solutions for different projects: supports mulit-point touch, optimize touch experience, excellent display performance, clear, realistic and vivid, also has technical grate stability and reliability.   

3.5_TFT_LCD_FOR_Smart_Home door

3.5inch LCD & Touch Integrated Display

Size: 3.5 inch

AA Area: 70.08(H)*52.56(V)

VA Area: 76.84(H)*63.84(V)*2.5(D) 

Display Modes: IPS, Normally Blak, Transmissive

Resolution: 480(RGB)X800 

View Angle: ALL O’clock

LCD Interface: RGB 24bits

TP Interface: I2C

Display Type: TFT

TP Structure: GFF

TP Transparency: 0.85

Driver IC: ATMEL

Glove/Water Touch: Support

Working Temperature:  -20°~ +70°

OS Supported: Linux, Android, Windows 

Special Features: 4mm Thick cover

Application: Smarthome Equipment


Technical Support: Magic Lamp