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Application case of mfox handheld PDA management

20 Jun 2019 - PDA
Case Background
Beijing Yunhu (mfox) Time Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yunhu) was established in 2010, headquartered in Beijing, with Shanghai R&D Center and Shenyang Production Base; Yunhu(mfox) integrates R&D, procurement and production as a whole, with WorkCloud as the core, while providing digital intelligent tooling equipment, WorkOS extension services for enterprises to provide "cloud + end" or "cloud + tube + end" virtualization program, which can quickly provide users. Building cloud platform, WorkEasy Saas service can help small and medium-sized users quickly enter the era of digital management.

Through years of accumulation, Yunhu(mfox) has the world's leading three-defense technology, testing equipment, production line and management system. Its products are certified by the most authoritative international organizations. It has the development technology of public network, satellite, private network and other communication terminals. Its various functional industry technologies and Internet of Things technology have been widely used in military, police, explosion-proof, surveying and mapping, electric power and field operations at home and abroad. And so on.


Every product of VIEWE must undergo strict reliability test:
High temperature and humidity test: Ta=+60 C, 90% RH, 48 hours;
Surge experiment: 1.2/50us 10KV (IEC60664). _
High temperature work test: Ta=+60 C, 48 hours; brine spray test: 5%, 25 centigrade, 8 hours;
High temperature storage test: Ta=+80 C, 48 hours;
Gas corrosion test: 0.01-100 ppm, 0-90 C, 10%-98% RH;
Low temperature working test: Ta=-30 C, 48 hours; Drop test: height 1.5 m,'Four corners and six sides'for a drop test cycle, eight cycles;
Low temperature storage test: Ta=-30 C, 48 hours; Long life: 60 C/90% RH high temperature and humidity environment, 3337 hrs
Cold and thermal shock test: - 30 ~80 C, 30 min each, conversion < 10 s. 25 C/55% RH ambient temperature and humidity, 17.6 years
ESD test: contact discharge (+8KV) and air discharge (+15KV) (IEC61000-4-2);

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