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VIEWE Industrial Display Screen Helps New Continent Handheld Mobile Terminal Application

20 Jun 2019 - LCD Display Screen,Industrial Display Screen
Case Background
Jiangsu Zhilian Tiandi Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary enterprise of New land China (000997). It was founded in November 2011. It was co-sponsored by a long-term scientific and technological team engaged in communication industry and Wuxi State-owned capital. Zhilian Tiandi is committed to the research and development and industrialization of Internet of Things and mobile Internet technology. It is oriented to logistics, express delivery, e-commerce, railway, airport, electric power, medical and other industries. Focusing on the four product systems of industry terminal, industry application software, Internet of things terminal operation management platform and mobile Internet service, the first domestic industry terminal based on 3G network and Android system has been launched, the first domestic IOT UniOSS based on TMN (telecommunication management network) has been developed, and the first domestic cross-border industry terminal-express mobile phone has been designed. Aim to build the industry terminal first brand.

5-inch screen with Android 6.0 system, more operable
High sensitivity - easy to hold and carry, 5.0 inch 720P high definition industrial capacitive touch screen, support multi-touch.
IP67 - IP67 Sealing Standard, designed to meet the stringent working environment requirements of enterprise users, can withstand multiple falls from 1.5 meters to cement ground.
High-definition display screen - - 5 million pixels, easy to collect all kinds of images and video information, high brightness, fast response, accurate screen positioning, no drift.
Wide viewing angle - visible in strong light, dim environment, looking up or looking down can be scanned without flipping the terminal back and forth to reduce operation fatigue.

It can better adapt to the harsh environment, combine the advantages of traditional industry terminals and ordinary mobile phones, and can be adapted to all kinds of industry markets. It has professional scanning capability. Support gloves, dry and wet hand touch, to meet the needs of mobile applications. It is conducive to the promotion of industry informatization and the promotion of product competitive advantage.


Operating temperature:-20℃~+70℃
Storage temperature :-40℃~+80℃
relative humidity:95%(无凝结)
Anti-fall Degree :It can withstand many drops from 1.5 meters to cement ground.
Roll test: 500 rolls in one meter diameter range
Industrial grade:IP67
Static: +8KV Contact Discharge, +15KV Air Discharge

The industrial handheld terminal of VIEWE has different requirements for display screen and touch screen from mobile phone consumer products. It has stricter requirements for reliability, weather resistance and matching of extreme use environment. At the same time, it takes into account the visual and touch screen effects of the display screen and optimizes user experience.

Every product of VIEWE must undergo strict reliability test:

High temperature and humidity test: Ta=+60 C, 90% RH, 48 hours;
Surge experiment: 1.2/50us 10KV (IEC60664). _
High temperature work test: Ta=+60 C, 48 hours; brine spray test: 5%, 25 centigrade, 8 hours;
High temperature storage test: Ta=+80 C, 48 hours;
Gas corrosion test: 0.01-100 ppm, 0-90 C, 10%-98% RH;
Low temperature working test: Ta=-30 C, 48 hours; Drop test: height 1.5 m,'Four corners and six sides'for a drop test cycle, eight cycles;
Low temperature storage test: Ta=-30 C, 48 hours; Long life: 60 C/90% RH high temperature and humidity environment, 3337 hrs
Cold and thermal shock test: - 30 ~80 C, 30 min each, conversion < 10 s. 25 C/55% RH ambient temperature and humidity, 17.6 years
ESD test: contact discharge (+8KV) and air discharge (+15KV) (IEC61000-4-2);

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